Debate Part 1 Aug. 31 Ward 1 Alderman - Elly Tierney, Joe Budge, Larry Claussen
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Debate Part 2 Aug. 31 Ward 1 Alderman - Elly Tierney, Joe Budge, Larry Claussen
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September 14, 2017

Capital Gazette: "Our say: Endorsements in wards 1, 4: Tierney, Finlayson"

Elly Tierney earns the praise and formal endorsement for Ward 1 Alderman today!!! See the details in this September 14th article in the Gazette.


September 19, 2017

Capital Gazette: "A surprising primary sets the stage for Annapolis' general election"

Elly Tierney wins the Democratic primary for Ward 1 Alderman!!! See the details in this September 19th article in the Gazette.


September 20, 2017

Capital Gazette: "Annapolis primary sets general election ballots for all but Ward 4"

Elly Tierney describes how she won the primary and will maintain that same transparency and community awareness throughout her term if she's given the privilege to represent Ward 1 as their alderman, Her ability to connect with the community created record turnout. See the details in this September 20th article in the Gazette.


September 20, 2017

Capital Gazette: "Sexist trick"

Seems like the Republicans are already pulling out the dirty tricks thinking Elly Tierney was the weaker democratic contender in her they endorsed her! Surprise...she's used to working with these kinds after her 30 years in commercial construction, She says "bring them on!". See the details in this September 20th article in the Gazette.


September 19, 2017

Capital Gazette: "Campaign contribution"

In a September 17th article in the Gazette that wrongly portrayed Elly as receiving more than half her campaign donations from Michael Blonder, she held the paper to task with this clarification that set the record straight, showing this single contribution accounted for about 5% of her total funding from all her friends in Ward 1 and beyond. And, as she notes, she looks forward to discussions for the best solutions for Ward 1 from anyone who wants to have open, honest and City centric dialog. Weather they're sons of developers, daughters of industry, neighbors be they democrats, republicans or independents. It's all about open conversation.


February 10, 2017

Capital Gazette: "Ward One Residents Association president files for office"


Elly Tierney sat with Chase Cook, Reporter for the Capital Gazette and formally announced her run for Ward 1 Alderman.


April 15, 2016

Capitol Gazette: "Elly Tierney: Let's learn from HPC bill withdrawal"

Elly Tierney today was cited in the Capital Gazette for her leadership role as president of the Ward 1 Resident's Association's position on lessons learned on lack of communication in important Ward 1 legislative issues.

November 17, 2015

Capitol Gazette "Guest column: Maritime proposal breaks faith"

Elly Tierney discussed transparency of an ongoing potential development and the need to bring this matter to a proper close to avoid further tax revenue losses yet maintain the long term city plan for City Dock.

August 7, 2015

Capitol Gazette "Guest column: "City process on rec center decision was flawed"

Elly Tierney discussed processes that lead to the less than perfect way the development of the old rec center and it's was managed by the city council.

July 24, 2017

Capital Gazette: "Why I’m Running"

Elly Tierney expands on her campaign in detail in this July 24th Opinion Page editorial in the Gazette.


August 31, 2017

Capital Gazette: "Ward 1 City Council candidates discuss parking, development during debate"

Elly Tierney debates the two other Ward 1 Candidates at the Metropolitan Kitchen and Lounge, sponsored by Inner West Street Business Association. See the details in this September 1st article in the Gazette.


October   21, 2017

Capital Gazette: "Campaign Manager Quits"
During a stressful period several years ago I had an unfortunate incident. I went thru the legal process and did everything I needed to do. The court granted  me an expungement and the matter has been resolved. It was a life changing experience that I learned from and I know it makes me better to serve the residents of Ward One. Let's now all go forward to making Annapolis a better place.


October   27, 2017

Capital Gazette: "Why I'm running: Balance the key to a city's livability"

The Mayor’s campaign signs want us to “preserve our quality of life”. On an election year campaign sign it’s safe to presume that’s distilled into one word – LIVABILITY. But unlike other clichés, livability can actually be measured through subjective satisfaction surveys weighed against objective determinants. Translation: It is known through dialog between residents and their Alderman so that the response and parameters are known, good or bad. And after my door knocking on primary voters in Ward 1, that livability is not a one size fits all. Any politician who does not understand this is does not know their varied community. As a City we should protect our values, our institutions, history, maritime, Naval Academy, the Bay, historic preservation, green space, to name a few. But quality of life needs a deeper dive, and I am so optimistic that will happen with the next democratic administration.

We talk about ‘quality of life’ more and more but we are producing less and less of it for our residents. We have a history of bad choices made in its name.  African Americans were tossed out of their neighborhoods with the idea of someone’s else better quality of life. We have a responsibility to protect a beautiful historic district but at the cost of sub optimizing other communities. But both are deserving of character, convenience, safety and services, to name but a few. 

There are not just two Annapolis’ caused by economically imposed migration but maybe nine, or more, each one striving for their own sense of place. Jane Jacobs writes that what makes a City ‘is the attractiveness of cities…built up from lots and lots of different bits and details, lots of different bits of money, lots of different notions, all coming out of their concerns, the affection, and the ideas of lots and lots of different people’. But first we have to listen. And if elected, that is my enormously understood responsibility. Quality of life in Truxton Heights to many means not having to walk in the street or look at abandoned vehicles or deal with adjacent development runoff. In Presidents Hill, it may mean protecting its sense of good old-fashioned community and fixing old infrastructure. In the historic conservation districts, it may mean the influx of weekend rentals and severe lack of residential parking spaces. In Murray Hill it may mean crime and protection of Spa Creek access. In Park Place it may mean continued transit access to downtown. In Acton’s landing it may mean safety and lighting at nearby parks. In City Gate, again it may mean crime. And Spa Creek can’t speak for itself but it’s health and maintenance to name a few.

Bottom line: The aforementioned all cost money and we are just giving quality of life lip service if we don’t create a balance between capital expenditures and maintenance costs. I’ve watched the City Council struggle with the unbalance between capital funds and running expenses. Spend bond money on repairs and postpone capital projects. Now we have major infrastructure expenditures that we can’t pay for. But more importantly, we have not realized how important it is for a plan to repair and maintain what we have. And that’s what makes a livable city - BALANCE. Balancing can create jobs and bring in revenue: parking enforcement, cleanup and repair crews, more code enforcement, etc. When requesting capital expenditures, we should account for the maintenance and other secondary costs. There is available grants and federal funding. We should not build what we cannot maintain lest we impoverish ourselves with ill-faded capital improvements projects. We must govern to build things and run them at the same time.

My commercial work experience has given me not only the management and estimating skills to address this but the preplanning that is necessary to insure all parameters have been addressed. It is my goal to strengthen the local tax base by improving our infrastructure while attaining the funds to maintain and put people to work. If elected I want to say that if asked to fix the sidewalk for your mother’s wheelchair, that we can and know we have the funds to pay for it.



October   27, 2017

Capital Gazette: "Annapolis City Council candidate describes her life at the time of theft accusations"
The press coverage in the last week has been a surreal experience and one that I didn’t plan well for in choosing to run for Alderman of Ward One. I had closed a chapter in my life and compartmentalized it to a fault. I did not disclose incidents that were painful memories in my past.  Looking back that was a bad choice. I sought legal advice in disclosing an expunged record when I was asked to be Ward One Residents Association President and I never looked back. 
Let me provide some framework. I was fortunate to have a wonderful career that became my life, my identity, my support network through a very difficult marriage which ended in divorce. To cope with this, I used alcohol to self-medicate, while still maintaining my career and being a Mother.  However, the finality of a divorce does not end the conflicting and confusing emotional complications associated with it. There were several periods of legal and financial firestorms. I left my career on a high note; my Mom died and my sole occupation was awaiting closure on the Inn. Without any established support structure, I fell apart and during that time I made some bad decisions, not all of which I clearly remember but for which I am fully responsible.
I learned that alcohol is a short-term solution and not worth the pain and suffering.  Alcohol is no longer a part of my life.  I have settled into a wonderful marriage, and have sought to be a positive force in a community that I love.  I am very thankful for recent support from people around me that has reinforced my desire to stay in the race.  If anyone wants to sit down with me to discuss this further, I am available. 
I hope the voters will judge me on my more recent actions, the ones that made you vote for me in the primary. The decision is now in the voter’s hands. 


Press Release November 24, 2017

Thank you, Ward One, for your confidence in electing me to represent you on the City Council! I look forward to representing our wonderful community and working with Mayor-elect Gavin Buckley and the Council’s newly elected and returning members starting on December 4th.
With the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to take a brief moment to express my gratitude:
A campaign is a journey. You are hopeful as to the destination, but you can’t possibly predict the detours, setbacks, and discoveries. Campaigns also tests your family and friends in their love and support of you. In my case that couldn’t be more true. I am so grateful for my husband Joe, who is my rock who guarded and guided me, and my wonderful sons Tom and Devin, who spoke of hope and trust and the things that matter. Without them, I would have succumbed to just hate and words, when I knew this wasn’t about me, but for our community, neighbors and residents.

My amazing campaign volunteers will remain in my heart for their unconditional support and trust in our journey. To Treasurer Lyle Fowlkes, Volunteer Coordinator Mary Ann McGarry, Meet and Greet coordinator Peggy Summers, and advisor McShane Glover: thank you for your work, passion, and commitment.

I want to thank the Democratic Party, the District 30 Democratic Club, Sarah Elfreth, and the wonderful volunteers who turned out weekend after weekend to help knock on doors and talk to voters all across Annapolis. Special thanks to the volunteers who supported both Gavin and myself, specifically Paul and Denise Cunningham, and my neighbors Tipi and Rich Kuehnel. I am incredibly grateful to Harry Browne’s for their generosity and wonderful service.  

To my neighbors who still have my sign in their windows, to the women that all felt compelled to tell me their stories, to the many mentors including Alderman Joe Budge, Minor Carter, Geoff Mitchell: thank you for your faith in me.
As a resident, community leader, and Ward One Alderwoman-elect, I’ve learned so much from you through the course of walking our neighborhoods, chatting, and sharing ideas for improving our community from your front door stoops. The conversations were about you. I heard what you believed could be improved in your neighborhood - and I'm ready to hit the ground running.

In so doing, the adage “it’s not what people say it’s what they do” will come into play. My goals: to implement flood mitigation, to define what’s not acceptable in the historic district, to have more green space, to implement the acceptable elements of the City Dock Master Plan, to re-evaluate parking management, to elevate our at-risk neighborhood, and to make this City walkable and convenient for all ages.

Stay tuned for more information on the December 4th Inaugural activities and our first City Council meeting on December 11th.
Wishing you and yours a lovely holiday weekend,
Alderwoman-elect Elly Tierney

Please visit my new site for updates on the progress of my work as an Alderwoman. 

This site will remain for any fund-raising events for Friends Of Elly Tierney.

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