Elly Tierney

Democratic Candidate for

Ward One Alderman

Make Annapolis City government work better. Be a positive force to bring leadership to the City Council as Alderman for Ward One.

Efficient and Transparent City Government that WORKS for us.

Making our City government more transparent and responsive to everyone


    I plan to


  • Improve transparency by ensuring there is proper community input in planning prior to decisions affecting our community,

  • Advocate for greater accountability from department directors,

  • Build on Ward One Sector Study to achieve goals with the help of the Economic Development Chair, and

  • Hold quarterly town meetings to get feedback from the community.


Rebuilding our Infrastructure

   I plan to

  • Use my engineering and construction expertise to develop plans to address traffic mismanagement and our aging infrastructure,

  • Improve signage to direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic,

  • Repair our sidewalks for pedestrian safety,

  • Address sea level containment and storm water management to prevent flooding,

  • Assess options for Hillman Garage for better usage of this downtown asset, and

  • Solicit Market House proposals that make sense for our economy and community.


Implementing a positive vision for Annapolis

   I plan to

  • Work collaboratively with constituents, businesses and city government to identify and resolve issues that impact all of us,

  • Work to ensure that city development more closely resembles the City Dock Master Plan by building on past studies, and

  • Elevate visible art and enhance our maritime reputation.


Improving our economy and quality of life

    I plan to

  • Lead efforts to reduce crime to improve safety,

  • Explore incentives to attract independent store owners,

  • Introduce legislation aimed at attracting a wider diversity of businesses appealing to a broad base of constituents, and

  • Encourage updating of historic district guidelines for maintenance and enhancement of properties to allow for minimal repairs, use of visually compatible materials and energy efficiency while protecting our city’s heritage.

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Friends of Elly Tierney, PO Box 1934 Annapolis, MD 21404  Lyle Fowlkes -- Treasurer